The Longest-Distanced Long Distance Relationship of All Time

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hadfieldHave you guys been following Commander Chris Hadfield on Twitter? He’s the Canadian astronaut turned-Twitter sensation who went viral with his rendition of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity”, which he filmed while floating through the corridors of the International Space Station.

Hadfield has just returned from spending six months in Space — throughout that time, his wife, Helene Hadfield, a Houston chef, has been patiently waiting for him on earth, following along with his Twitter account just like the rest of us.

A six month separation isn’t that long for a couple (military couples, for instance, are often separated for much longer). And in terms of pure distance, the Hadfields only had on average 215 miles between them — the distance between New York City and Boston. Except, of course, Boston and  New York City are both on earth, and Commander Chris Hadfield was not. So given that she was on terra firma in Texas and he was orbiting the planet in Space, I think it’s fair to call it the most Long Distance relationship of all time. (Though I suppose the old trick of “looking at the same moon” still applied.)

I’m sure it was fun, or at least a novelty, to have her Bowie-singing husband orbiting 200 miles above her in Space, but Mrs. Hadfield, who recently talked to The Times of London, seemed pretty excited to have the Commander back on solid ground to partake in more pedestrian pleasures.

 “We love going to Starbucks and doing The New York Times crossword, taking our dogs down to the beach, doing a big walk, then going for brunch.”

So, they’re basically like your parents, if your parents periodically travelled to Space on business instead of, like, Toronto. And despite the stress that a long distance relationship of any length or distance can accrue, these two seem pretty in love.

“I know it sounds like I’m just being a gushy wife, but we’ve been together for 37 years and married for 31, and I still really like him!” laughs his wife. “He’s a good guy, you know? He’s a really good guy.”