The Real Deal About Matchmaking

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Silhouette of couple at sunset

When you think about matchmakers, two things probably come to mind: Fiddler on the Roof and “Millionaire Matchmaker.” Too bad they’re not great options – You’ll either end up being traded for the wealth of your family, or being publicly humiliated by Patti Stanger. But as we all know, TV and movies are not a reality.

Steven Petrow saw his friend go through a real matchmaking process with a matchmaker named Dale, and come out extremely successful.

“Fred, a graduate of Oberlin, had worked at Apple and shared my obsession with the English language (our favorite game: find the typos on restaurant menus).

Gérard, a professional chef of Vietnamese descent, had learned English on his own but was fluent in French. He didn’t proofread menus; he created them. The first of Dale’s theories: “You don’t always know who you’re really attracted to.”

Fred and Gérard had been together for six years when I began to noodle about signing up with Dale. They have now been spouses for 17. “

Watching his friend’s experience, he realized he might as well try it himself, and decided to shell out the $6000.

“Then came the trial by fire: 10 ‘meeting opportunities’ in rapid succession, each one with Dale as the third wheel. ‘I pick you up, take you out and pay for dinner,’ he said. And also sits at the table with you and your ‘opportunity.’ How do you spell ‘a-w-k-w-a-r-d’!

‘I want to see how you interact with people,’ he said, ‘and to understand what qualities you’re attracted to and not.’ He also thinks he can sense chemistry before his clients do.”

It took about six months for Petrow to meet Jim, who he has now been with for 9 years. And, the couple considers the money they spent to meet each other “a bargain.” At just $2/day, seems like a pretty good deal to me, too!

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