The Sexiest TV to Watch This Summer

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This summer when you’re curled up next to the AC, flipping through the channels, crying because “Game of Thrones” has been over for weeks and you don’t know what to watch, here are some great options. Some of them are old favorites, and some of them are brand new.

Here’s a collection of the sexiest shows this summer — You’ll need to keep your ice cream cones away from the screen unless you want them to melt.

1. “True Blood”

Sundays, Premieres June 16

By now, you probably know what you’re getting with this scorching hot show about vampires. Sure, it’s gotten a little odder with age, but the sex has only gotten wilder.

2. “Devious Maids”

Sundays, Premieres June 23

From the creator of “Desperate Housewives,” and the four main characters wear maid outfits. How could this show not be sexy?

3. “Teen Wolf”

Monday Nights, Premiered June 3

Who says vampires are the only sexy supernatural creatures? Now in its third season, “Teen Wolf” is known for its ridiculously beautiful cast. You can never go wrong with hot werewolves.

4. “Ray Donovan”

Sundays, Premieres June 30

Some shows you can tell are going to be sexy from the trailer. Some shows you can tell are going to be sexy from the poster. Some shows you can tell are going to be sexy from the title. And some shows are on Showtime, and even if they don’t seem like they’ll be that sexy, you know there’ll be lots of hot sex scenes for no apparent reason. Such is the case with “Ray Donovan.”

5. “Dexter”

Sundays, Premieres June 30

The biggest surprise of the summer! Usually on in the fall, “Dexter” returns early for its eighth and final season.

6. “Orange Is the New Black”

All 13 episodes premiere on Nexflix July 11.

Sure, it takes place in an womens’ prison, and will deal with a lot of struggle — but between the first three seconds of this trailer and the fact that it’s from the creator of “Weeds,” it’s safe to say that “Orange Is the New Black” is about to get real sexy.

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