The Ugliest, Saddest Wedding Cake of All Time

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A UK bride was recently horrified to arrive at her wedding reception only to see…the most hideous wedding cake of all time.


Grey and lopsided, the cake looks like something a villain in a Disney movie would serve at a tea party, except that in that case the cake would be poison.

Now, to be fair, the cake that the bride thought she was getting is also…..a completely hideous wedding cake.

tire cake

I mean, it’s a monstrosity. But every bride deserves to get the hideous cake of she paid for, and not some equally grotesque approximation!

Incensed, the bride in question took to Ebay, where she posted what has to be one of the least enticing Ebay auctions of all time.

For sale wedding cake

“A few defects due to maker being unskilled. No topper or decoration. Please note this cake will be inedible.”

….any takers?

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