The World’s Most Bizarre Proposal?

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Proposing at work is always a risky venture — there’s all the usual stress of a marriage proposal, topped by the fact that, well, you’re at work!! But Florida state representative Ritch Workman was undeterred. During a meeting of the Florida House Finance and Tax Subcommittee this week (an event that virtually screams romance) he turned to his girlfriend, Terri Ann Allerton, and popped the question in a highly unique manner:

“Terri Ann Allerton, my beautiful girlfriend, who I met a little over a year ago at Starbucks. I give a shout-out to Starbucks because it changed my life,” Workman said.

He then gave the floor to fellow Melbourne Rep. John Tobia.

Tobia said, “I want to throw my hat in the ring here, and if you’re not ready to marry her I am.”

Workman said, “Well, committee, you’ve heard the proposal on the table. All in favor of my proposing to Terri Ann Allerton, say Aye.”

After unanimous “aye” votes from the committee, Workman jumped over the desk and got down on one knee.

The proposal passed favorably with a yes vote from Allerton.

All of which would be sweet and adorable, were it not for the fact that Workman has made his name this session by sponsoring a controversial bill that would eliminate permanent alimony for divorcees (of which he is one — he and his wife divorced in 2011, and they have several children). So Allerton was treated to a proposal right on the heels of her husband’s working to assure that should things go south, he won’t be on the hook to write checks forever. Granted, she’s been dating Workman a year, so she knew the job was tough when she took it.

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