This Is What Happens When John Travolta Crashes Your Wedding

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So according to a Reddit post, John Travolta was in Georgia recently, getting his pilot’s license renewed, when he met a young couple at a bar who were getting married the next day.

travolta 3
He must have really hit it off with said couple, because the next day, who rolled up to the wedding? John Travolta. Dressed in basically the same outfit as the night before. The movie star posed with the bride and groom, then with the bridal party, and was apparently “nice and down to earth about the whole ordeal.” ┬áHe really likes the thumbs up! (Last week, Travolta’s former plane was donated to a GA museum, so it’s possible that he was also in town for that.)

travolta 1

travolta 2

Not a bad way to add a little star power to your wedding, eh?