Vintage “Beefcake” Photographs from the 1950s + “I Would Never Marry Someone Smarter Than Me”

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Vintage “Beefcake” Photographs from the 1950s [FlavorwireHubba, hubba.

Sleeping Together Is Good For Couples [Men’s Fitness] “Mismatched sleep patterns and relationship problems can affect how well couples sleep, but overall they are better off sharing the same bed.”

“I Would Never Marry Someone Smarter Than Me” [The Gloss] A heated debate over intellect gives really great insight into the inner workings of bloggers.

Battlestar Galactica Pick-up Line #712 [ComedivaFor all those Trekkies that need some smooth moves.

Things You Don’t Want To Know About Women, Your Bodies And Sex [Guyspeak] When DUI arrests, “cheeseburger crotch” and public lice are all on the same list.