What His Text Says About How He Feels + Lying About Your “Number”

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How I Stopped Lying About My “Number” [TheGloss] Thought this meant phone number at first. I feel stupid.

Woman Finds Ex-Boyfriend Living In Her Attic Over 12 Years After They Broke Up [HuffPo] The Ghost of Boyfriends Past. But like, an actual person.

Patti Stanger Blames Amy Poehler’s Professional Success for Failed Marriage [Jezebel] SEVERE CASE OF THE EYE-ROLLS. This makes my Perpetuating Gender-Bias meter go off.

Would You Give Up Sex for Sleep? For iPhone Time? For Bacon? [YourTango] Mmmm…bacon.

Can Love Exist Without Romance? [TresSugar] Another age-old question better left unanswered. 

Booty Call? Just A Friend? What His Text Says About How He Feels [Madame Noire] If only there was an App for that.

photo courtesy of Jezebel