What I Learned About Men From Dating One in Every State

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Alicia Ostarello was interested in what dating is like in parts of the country other than her California home. So interested, in fact, that she embarked on a project: go on 50 first dates, one in every state in the union. A Kickstarter project turned into a documentary, as well as a blog, and a journey that took her across the country and on many, many, many dates.

America is a big, rad place. Some days it can feel like the whole country has a lot in common – like on Super Bowl Sunday – and we’re living the melting pot dream together. Maybe this is just me, but sometimes it can also feel like we’re living in stew. A lot of ingredients, separate but together (and hopefully equal).

Geographical culinary comparisons aside, I noticed similarities and differences in America this autumn while traveling to all fifty states. Given that my goal was to go on a first date in every single state, what I noticed about the commonalities and differences of different regions was limited to the singles scene (and the men in it). Here’s what I discovered.

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My favorite places? Yeah, I’ve got my eyes on the South, the Midwest and the Southwest, but I’m still holding out hope for California dudes.