What It’s Like to Waitress at an Erotic Supper Club

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a_3x-horizontalHave you ever been fork-fed “by means of sheer pelvic fortitude?” No, me neither, but if that’s an experience you’d like to add to your arsenal of icebreakers, there’s an erotic supper club in San Francisco that provides just that experience. Scantily clad waitstaff act as both servers and platters, and are encouraged to kiss, cuddle, flirt, and “massage” as they see fit.

One such waitress recounted her adventures in erotic dining for NYMag’s The Cut, and her story is fascinating:

Generally, guests are a bit older than those hot twentysomethings feeding them. They’re mostly couples, some single men, and the occasional ambiguous triad. Between courses, servers are directed to dance, kiss, and touch. Gradually, we dramatically remove each other’s clothing. Like our degree of undress, flirtation with patrons is measured to the menu’s progress: Running appetizers, we may barely touch the guests. In the end, we’re in their laps, feeding them chocolate mousse. The easily distracted eat lightly.

Yeah, I’ll bet.

[My Wild Nights Waitressing at San Francisco’s Sex Supper Club]