What Jesse Spano Taught Us About Relationships in GIFs

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Last night on Dancing With the Stars, Elizabeth Berkley reenacted her most iconic Saved By The Bell scene: Jessie Spano breaking down in the arms of her best friend Zack Morris, admitting her crippling, week-long addiction to caffeine pills. Both the original and the recreation were a watershed moments for any SBTB fan, but Jessie taught us so much more than the perils of a strong cup of coffee.

How do you feel when you’re getting ready for a first date, or thinking about a burgeoning new relationship? Are you so excited, so excited, so… scared? Jessie Spano knows how you feel.


For many young women of the ’90s, Jessie was our first introduction to a certain brand of brainy feminism.


So, despite being A.C. Slater’s “Mama,” she always knew how to deal with macho pigism.

jessie-spano 2

Jessie knew that some guys just need to be put in their place, and how to put them there.

jessie-spano 3

But she wasn’t above a little fun, and she’s been dancing into our hearts for years. Jessie Spano taught us how to shake it (nice scrunchie).

jessie spano 6

And how to Vogue.

jessie spano 7

And how to let a someone know you like them through the power of dance.

jessie-spano 8

Jessie knew all about the pleasures of male objectification.

jessie spano 9

She understood that in relationships, some things are better left unsaid.

jessie spano 4

And taught us how to succinctly express our feelings about a bad date.

jessie spano 5

She valued the introduction of a little mystery into a relationship, and was willing to dress the part.

jessie spano 10

And even Bayside’s most outspoken feminist supported the notion that a little threesome action between friends never hurt anyone.

jessie spano 11

Next up for Berkley and DWTS: the Goddess volcano dance from Showgirls we hope.