Who Is Katy Perry to Throw Shade at ‘Naked’ Female Pop Stars?

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Katy Perry recently told NPR that she doesn’t appreciate how female pop stars are getting “naked to be noticed.” She didn’t name names, but it’s pretty clear she had the likes (and butts and breasts and tongues) of Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and Miley “Wrecking Ball” Cyrus in mind. “It’s like put it away,” she said. “We know you’ve got it. I got it, too.”

Yes, we know you’ve got it, Katy – because we’ve seen it. Repeatedly. Remember the Teenage Dream album cover? Of course you do, because it featured Perry, nude, posing seductively in a cloud of cotton candy. Who was around to tell her to put it away? See also her video for “California Gurls” [sic].

Seems like the naked pot is calling the naked kettle naked. Naked, naked, naked. Is there a way we can blame John Mayer for this?

“I’m not necessarily judging,” Katy added, which is strange, because her NPR interview is reprinted in full in the dictionary entry for “judge,” alongside a full-color headshot of Judge Judith Shiendlin. In fairness, Katy admitted that she, too, has appeared nude and used her body as an asset. (More like ass-et, am I right, folks? No? Okay.) But this isn’t about nudity per se (Katy ain’t got beef with the ladies of National Geographic), it’s about open, unabashed sexuality. That’s what makes her disapproval so weird.

Perry has demonstrated time and again a surreal, exuberant flair for raunch. She’s shot whipped cream from her boobs, reimagined her boobs as cupcakes, decorated her boobs with lollipops, and even transformed her boobs into Elmo’s face. Katy’s boobs are at least a B-list celebrity in their own right. Especially in the Elmo debacle, where she put her boobs on display to make fun of Sesame Street, which, essentially kicked her off the show for not covering up. Now Katy is Sesame Street being overly righteous to the people in her neighborhood. Hopefully we’ll never have to say this about her rack, but oh how the mighty have fallen.

For me, this is key to her appeal. She takes ownership of her body in a way that’s fun, sex-positive, and conspicuously dessert-themed (sugar boobs are the new sugar tooth). Why wouldn’t she want the same for her peers?

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