Will Wonder Woman Get It On with Batman or Superman in Their New Movie?

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Anyone with a drop of comic book fandom in their blood went ballistic yesterday after the announcement that Fast and Furious 6 star Gal Gadot was set to be the first actress to play Wonder Woman on the big screen, joining Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill in an untitled Superman vs. Batman movie. Because having the two most famous superheroes of all time together in one movie wasn’t enough.

The reveal sparks a number of questions (the kind that tide us speculative geeks over until the movie arrives in 2015): How substantial is Wonder Woman’s role? Will she suddenly appear or is her origin story tied into the movie’s plot? Will she continue on into an inevitable Justice League movie?

Oh, and most importantly: Which one of the heroes is she going to hook up with?

Traditionally, Wonder Woman (the comic book character) has not been the type prone to interoffice relationships. She fights crime alongside guys like Batman and Superman, but she romances outside the circle. Her long time SO was Steve Trevor, a military man who crash landed on her Amazon-inhabited island. Over the years, writers and artists have nurtured, twisted, and broken their story to give Wonder Woman a handful of other suitors, but more often than not, she’s shackin’ up with Steve.


That said, Wonder Woman has tested the waters with Batman and Superman, and with Hollywood involved, it seems inevitable that, along with being a kick-ass lady, the female superhero will play love interest to one of the two men. Wonder Woman’s comic book flings with Superman have all been non-canonical (aka, they can not be used as evidence in an argument with Comic Book Guy). In the graphic novel Dark Knight Strikes Again, the two are married, acting as opposing forces to Batman who remains on the other side of the law. Writer/artist Frank Miller presents this as a particularly vicious relationship, carnal desires empowered by super strength. In Kingdom Come, an alternate history novel, the two marry, have kids, and grow old together in Smallville. A very nice relationship. Most recently, D.C. Comics stirred the pot by having Superman and Wonder Woman lock lips on the pages of Justice League — a move that drew outcry from diehard fans.

Batman’s love connections with Wonder Woman are even more scarce. In 2003/2004, Batman and Wonder Woman shared their one and only kiss during a time traveling rescue mission. It was one of those awkward did-that-really-happen? moments provoking Wonder Woman to use Martian matchmaking technology to determine the potential of their relationship. A similar moment would later be written in to the animated Justice League show, though it never went beyond a passionate and surprisingly organic, one-off kiss.

Will Wonder Woman crack the Clark Kent/Lois Lane relationship that began in Man of Steel? Will she be Batman’s on-again/off-again lady friend? Will she be a lone wolf who just bashes goons in the face? (Yes, please!) Or will she get with Aquaman (which definitely happened in the ’90s)? I’m not sure it could get worse than Aquaman.

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