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Each LGBTQ culture has it’s own community, with events, codes and a culture-specific identity.  Of all groups surveyed in the survey, bisexual women are most likely to believe that the LGBTQ community is open and supportive (62% more likely to believe this than the rest), while bisexual men are the least likely to feel like the community is open and supportive.


19% of gay men on identify as a Bear. The typical Bear is a larger, hairier man who projects an image of rugged masculinity. The bear, on average, is 3.68 times more likely to go on a first date.


Cubs are Bears in the making! They are smaller, younger and less hairy. It is not uncommon to see a Cub and a Bear together.

The Daddy is the typically older man involved with a younger man. The age gap may differ, but the relationship involves the traditional parental hierarchy of a father-son dynamic, with the Daddy offering emotional (and often financial) support and guidance along with sexual encouragement. According to, Daddies are 140% less likely to want children and much more likely to date someone younger and lower income. They are also 115% more likely to expect sex on a first date.


The Jocks are the athletic, muscular non-gay gay guy. Jocks have the most sex in a year with an average of 42 times a year (chriiiiiiiist)! On, they are much more likely (126%) to be OK with their partners having sex with other people as long as they are told about it, and they are 263% more likely to have had an open relationship than non-jocks.


The Twinks are young, skinny, and feminine. They love a good spray tan and a face full of makeup! Twinks are fun-loving, adventurous and excited.


A twink with muscles.


The Lipstick is a lesbian label, and refers to those who are ultra fem and girly. The lesbian labelling culture is different, however, as according to’s survey results 59% of lesbian women do not see themselves as belonging to a category or group. Lipstick lesbians are 222% more likely to have had a date in the year than non-lipstick lesbians.

For more detailed study findings on LGBTQ singles, visit and follow the social conversation at #SinglesinAmerica.