Don’t Read This Comic If You’re Still Obsessed With Your Ex

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Lucy Knisey’s short comic memoir “A Light That Never Goes Out” is throwing us for a loop. It’s a wonderfully written and illustrated account of the artist’s post-break-up life — and her ex-boyfriend obsession — that left us in tears (in a good way). And yet, it doesn’t go at all how we expected:


“A Light That Never Goes Out” is part of Knisey’s autobiographical series Stop Paying Attention. The frank tone of this comic is consistent through previous installments — Knisey doesn’t have lessons to teach, just life to depict. And just in case you thought she only pens comics about the upswings in her life,  you can sift through the archive to find the comic on her break-up.

Find more of Knisey’s work, including published collections of comics, on her website.

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