More Than Half of Women Believe Their Partners Exaggerate Flu Symptoms

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Sick person

We’re approaching the height of flu season, which means we’re also approaching the height of our sniffly, feverish significant others being totally insufferable in their suffering. (If only there were a flu shot for your personality.) A new survey finds more than half of women (53 percent) believe their male partners exaggerate their flu symptoms for attention, because the flu has a surprising tendency to reduce grown men to whiny, melodramatic babies. By contrast, only a fifth of guys say the same about their wives and girlfriends.

Being sick is the worst, of course, and everyone’s entitled to a little complaining. Though 67 percent of female respondents insisted their partners make a “bigger fuss” about illness than they do, this survey nevertheless determined that most sick women expect to be waited on by their significant others – whereas men are more likely to simply request medication. In this case, I’m on Team Dudes.

With the exception of a severed limb, ruptured eyeball (can that happen?), or anything else that requires immediate medical attention, I would universally prefer to be left alone when I’m under the weather. Please, feel free to leave a DayQuil-laced meatball sub in cling wrap on my doorstep. I might even look up from my ninth straight hour of Netflix streaming to offer a friendly wave from my couch-slash-used-tissue-fort. But that’s all the human interaction you can expect from me – unless you’ve brought enough cling wrap to fashion me a Bubble Boy-style spacesuit. If I get you sick, then I’ll have to take care of you next. You stay healthy, and I’ll stay lazy.

Image via Veer