Slim Chinese Man Will Gain 225 Pounds to Match His Morbidly Obese Bride

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Fat couple

Liu Ru and Chang Qingh are newlyweds from China’s Henan Province. At 300 pounds, Chang weighed more than twice as much as her new husband when they tied the knot. But Lin wants that to change. Following their May nuptials, he put on 40 pounds in three months, and – in one of the most misguided romantic gestures of all time – doesn’t intend to stop eating until he’s the same size as his wife.

It’s probably more fun to gain 225 pounds than it is to lose 225 pounds, so maybe this is a fair compromise. No, just kidding, this is terrible. A recent study found that weight-loss surgery can improve a woman’s sex life, but it’s difficult to imagine that Liu’s dramatic weight gain will result in any non-awful health effects.

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