Study Says Texting Is Terrible for Your Relationship

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Woman sending a text message

A new study has found that texting is good for your relationship. No, sorry – that it’s bad for your relationship. Well, that it’s okay for your relationship. All of the above?

82% of the 276 participants surveyed – young adults who are married, engaged, or in serious relationships – text their partner more than once a day. Researchers learned that couples who exchange love-dovey messages (as opposed to, say, the digital war crime that is “k”) report higher relationship satisfaction. Beyond that, it’s complicated.

Women who text frequently tend to feel more connected to their mates, whereas men who text their partners frequently generally feel worse about them. This could be because female texters view the medium as a problem-solving means of “talk[ing] things out,” whereas male texters see their phones as a sterile alternative to more intimate forms of communication. In short, all heterosexual relationships are doomed forever.

Possible solution: resign yourself to a lifetime of celibacy and/or start raising a flock of carrier pigeons.

[h/t The Cut]

Image via Veer