Study Says Your Relationship with Your Hairstylist Will Outlast Your Marriage

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A British survey has determined that women typically keep their hairdressers for more than 12 years – nearly a full year longer than the average marriage, which lasts 11 years and six months. While weird (and a little sad), this isn’t terribly surprising.

From the shampoo to the blow-dry, a haircut is incredibly intimate ritual. It’s difficult to imagine letting just anyone come within three feet of you with a pair of scissors. And as far as high-stakes beauty interventions go, getting your hair dyed or permed is only one rung below plastic surgery and facial tattoos.

Once you find a stylist you can trust, you imprint on him or her like a fuzzy, in-need-of-a-trim duckling. The same person has cut my hair for the last eight years and I’ve never been married, so it’s fair to say I’ve known my hairdresser eight infinity times longer than my husband.

Image via Veer