This New App Could Put an End to Missed Connections Forever

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Ever seen someone on the street and thought “Daaaayyyyuuumm.” Maybe you even become so consumed with the idea that you missed your opportunity to introduce yourself to the person that may or may not be your one true love that you posted the experience on Craigslist’s Missed Connections.

The brand new app, called Playdope, could end your socially awkward personality woes by connecting you to anyone you pass on the street via GPS connection. The general purpose of the app is to allow you to challenge strangers nearby to quick trivia games. And after the loser is prompted to buy the winner a drink, you have the option to chat your opponent. The gays have had this for years. It’s called Grindr and the triva questions are always the same: “Looking?” “Hung?” “Top?”

And if you’re not brave enough to send a chat after one game, Playdope will store your games in a virtual contact list and update you when a former challenger is near you again. Who knows, maybe after a few games you’ll see each other in a bar. “Are you BeyonceLova24?” “Hell yes I am!” “Let’s make out.”

Here are some images from the app, which is now available in New York City.






[h/t Design Taxi]