Watch The Entire Evolution of a Romantic Relationship in 5 Minutes

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Do all of your relationships play out the same? Sometimes it feels like we’ve been put in an eternal romantic Groundhog Day.

Fittingly, Restless Short Films just released the quirky new short “A Relationship in 5 Minutes.” True to its name, it portrays the birth and death of a couple in a sweet, succinct, brutally honest punch.

The couple goes through all the rote relationship cycles on fast-forward: Pickup lines, Facebook stalking, disappointing first time sex, faith-restoring bliss, an epic fight over a toothpaste cap, and eventually, resigned make-up sex. The entire 5 minutes and 17 seconds was impressively ad-libbed by two (devilishly good-looking) improvisers, Autumn Stein and Matthew C. Flynn.

It fits in well with the new YouTube trope of condensing dating experiences down to their most unfiltered, sparse bones. Analyzing the conversations we have behind our most intimate conversations. Remember last year’s viral “Speed Dating” or “Upstairs“? The emergence of these (admittedly hilarious and awesome) videos begs the question (cue Carrie Bradshaw voice over): Are we really that predictable?