Your Partner Is Cheating Because She’s Jealous of Your Phone

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Woman jealous of phone

The dating website Victoria Milan, Ashley Madison’s European cousin, specifically caters to married people looking to have an affair. For that reason, we tend to take its research on infidelity seriously. Victoria Milan recently surveyed 6000 of its members and determined that a whopping 45 percent would cheat – or have cheated – because they were jealous of their partners’ obsessive attention to their phones.

That’s right. Nearly half of cheaters stray because their significant others wouldn’t (couldn’t?) stop playing Candy Crush.

Of course, this is a vast oversimplification. You don’t wake up one morning, watch your husband check his e-mail, then kick down the door on your way out to troll for some strange. But as much as texting, social media, and our constant access to the internet bring us together, it’s clear that they’re also driving us apart. The practice of ignoring someone in favor of your electronic device even has its own name: “phubbing” (that is, phone plus snubbing), which is so lame that I’m now convinced I have a promising future career in coming up with names for zeitgeist-y things.

By the way, Victoria Milan reports that this complaint is most common among women aged 30 to 50. Hear that, people dating and/or married to women aged 30 to 50? Put down your phone and kiss somebody, will you?

Image via Veer