Your Significant Other Will Lie to You About Their Holiday Spending

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Christmas shopping

Just when you thought we couldn’t overcome our differences and learn to live in harmony in this crazy, crazy world, a poll of 1,000 couples found that – gay or straight, married or dating – everyone lies to their partners about their holiday spending. It’s a secular Christmas miracle!

In a press release today, McGraw-Hill Federal Credit Union reported that 48 percent of heterosexual couples argue over how much to spend on holiday shopping, as opposed to only 37 percent of same-sex couples (tip of the hat, gays!). Over in the special realm of insanity that is marriage, 35 percent of respondents admit to, ahem, deliberately misleading their spouses about their expenditures, while a full half of married people have paid cash to conceal a large holiday purchase from their partners.

Is this good? No. Is this bad? Honestly, not really. No one wants his special man or lady secretly racking up five figures of debt every December, but good gift giving requires a certain level of deception. That’s why our moms taught us to cut the price tags off our presents. In most cases, this duplicity qualifies as a white lie. Besides, if humans didn’t feel seasonally compelled to spend excessive amounts of money on disposable junk, the good people of Brookstone would be out on the streets.

Image via Veer