2014 is The Year of the Vaginoplasty

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Marking abdomen for cosmetic correction surgery

Happy 2014! Now it’s time to decide which plastic surgeries we’ll get this year. As one does, in January — after all, ’tis the season for new leaves, new chapters, new $6,500 breasts.

Not that you’re stuck giving your breasts the old New Year’s boost. Maybe you’re happy with your breasts, or you don’t have or want breasts. That’s okay! According to the trend-watching plastic surgeons at Transform, there are plenty of other hot surgeries to choose from this year. Because at least in the UK, where the Transformations happen, “cosmetic and non-surgical cosmetic procedures” of all sorts are going to be “very much en trend” this year.

Some of those “en trend” procedures are perennial favorites. Breast augmentations are timeless, and everyone continues to love a good tummy tuck. They’re always in fashion, like peacoats and skinny jeans. Other procedures are new(er) additions to the pantheon of synthetic enhancement. Chin implants are going to be hotter than ever this year, balancing out the faces of the en trendiest patients, and “bingo wing” surgery, designed to tighten and tone the upper arms, is basically the color blocking of 2014. But apparently, it’s vaginoplasty that’s set to be “the surgery on everyone’s lips” this season. Of course it is.

Transform says the designer vagina boom — more than 3,500 requests for vaginoplasty and labiaplasty in 2013, compared to 2,400 in 2010 — is evidence that woman “feel empowered” to get the surgery, and they predict that such empowerment will continue to thrive in 2014. It is also possible to read the vagina modification obsession as, you know, problematic, but then, that’s what they said about the suffragettes.

Should you be interested in starting the year less invasively en trend, Transform recommends a non-surgical face lift, lipotripsy (a procedure which stimulates fat breakdown), or laser hair removal. That’s okay, too. Non-surgical procedures now account for 75 percent of the cosmetic industry. Not everyone is ready for a new labia. Get with the trends, people!

Image via Veer