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Apparently You Can Tell How Smart a Guy is Just by Looking at Him, Says Science

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Science — specifically, Czech science — knows what we’re looking for when we judge a guy’s online dating profile picture. Sure, he may be caring (picture with a dog), funny (picture in a lobster costume), or handsome (picture of his face), but is he smart? Trying to assess a guy’s intelligence based on a photo seems unfair — unless he’s wielding an abacus, wearing a mortarboard, or scratching his chin while he solves physics equations on a chalkboard — but according to a recent study, we’re apparently pretty good at guessing how smart a guy is purely based on his looks.

Researchers asked a group of 40 men and 40 women to judge each individual’s intelligence, and it turns out the raters’ perception of men’s intelligence corresponded with their actual intelligence with “an accuracy higher than chance,” according to The Register. Interestingly, the study participants weren’t nearly as good at accurately predicting the women’s intelligence. We assume it’s got to be from all that feminine mystique, or something.