Men Find Women Attractive Based on How Healthy Their Country Is

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A healthy woman is an attractive woman, but whether or not men find a particular woman attractive may have something to do with the relative healthiness of his own country, according to a new study in the journal Biology Letters.

Researchers from the University of Turku in Finland had nearly 2,000 men from 28 countries rate the attractiveness of several female faces that had been modified so the women would appear more or less feminine. They found men from countries with high national health scores, like Japan, were most attracted to women whose faces exhibited “feminine” features like large eyes and full lips. Men from countries with relatively low national health scores, like Nigeria and Nepal, were most attracted to women with more masculine features like a strong chin.

The researchers aren’t sure why men’s preferences skew this way — lead researcher Urszula Marcinkowska only speculates that women with more masculine features may also exhibit testosterone-driven traits like dominance, which would come in handy should they need to compete for the necessary resources to take care of a handful of sick kids.

[h/t Business Insider]