Men Produce More ‘Kamikaze Sperm’ When They Suspect Their Partners of Cheating

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Sperm & Egg

Male creatures love marking their territory. Sometimes they pee on it and sometimes they shoot extra kamikaze sperm into it. Depends on the context.

A recent interview on the YouTube channel, SciShow, introduces the rather bizarre, but apparently scientific, concept of kamikaze sperm in men. The term “kamikaze,” from the Japanese for “God wind” (of course, because all men think their sperm is made of magical, heavenly things) has been applied to sperm that act as barriers to an egg to prevent other men’s sperm from fertilizing an egg. This type of ninja (I’m mixing Japanese metaphors here, but stick with me) sperm makes up 40 percent of all male ejaculate. Even more interesting, though, is the fact that men will produce more kamikaze sperm warriors when they fear that their sexual partners are cheating on them.

This seemingly wonderful automatic anti-cheating mechanism comes with one major caveat. As previously stated, kamikaze sperm only work to fight other sperm from inseminating the target egg. Therefore, when men worry about their partners’ cheating, and produce more kamikaze sperm, they’re reducing the amount of effective, inseminating sperm they produce. So he’s not trying to knock her up to lock it down, he’s just trying to block some other guy from doing it. Men don’t compete for ladies, only against other guys.

[h/t Daily Mail]

Image via Veer