No One Is Having Sex on Their Wedding Night Anymore

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In our collective imagination, every bride and groom is leaving the reception in a limo and arriving at a rose strewn hotel suite where they will do unspeakable things on the hotel’s high-thread-count sheets. Wrong! Recent polls suggest that more than 50 percent of couples are now forgoing sex on their wedding night.

Apparently half of these no-sex couples attribute the choice to the groom being too drunk. The second biggest problem is the bride being too tired. Pulling the “too tired” card on the wedding night.?Interesting move, brides. Of course, the trend in couples living together (and having sex) before getting married renders the wedding night sex thing a bit obsolete. But still it’s a little bit sad to find out that no one is getting laid on this most no-brainer of nights.

But maybe the grooms got so drunk because they’re stressed out about wedding planning. According to recent research, 23 percent of men respond that their wedding day is the most stressful of their lives. This compares to 16 percent of women. And we thought it was only bridezillas worrying about getting just the right ecru napkins.

Interestingly, the study also pinpointed the parts of wedding planning that cause most stress. Number one, at 44 percent, is who gets invited, two is staying on budget, and three is keeping family and friends happy and included.
See, whether or not they’ll be consummating didn’t even make the list. Maybe brides and grooms need to stop taking it for granted.

Image via Veer