Science Says Nobody is Looking at Your Face, Just Your Boobs

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Beautiful female body

In the best international news for zits and bad hair days since the invention of the paper bag disguise, a new scientific study has proclaimed that men look at women’s bodies far more than their faces.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln study set up 36 men and 29 women on eye-tracking systems, which measured how long the eye fixates on certain points. They were then shown pictures of women with varying degrees of curvaceousness. Eyes lingered on hips, waists, and breasts far longer than faces. The most gawked at female shape was a combination of large breasts, a small waist, and wide hips, which always scores high on the “Damn, girl!” spectrum.

The findings confirm what nearly all women have thought was only their paranoia for years: everyone is staring at your boobs. Have you ever been walking to your local bodega in the death grips of the flu, just trying to get a few more Pink Lemonade Emergen-C packets, and been hollered at by three men along the way, much to your confusion? That’s because your pink runny nose and the purple bags under your eyes didn’t even register to the gazers. Just your lovely, lovely curves. (Up here, guys, my words are up here.)

The weird thing about the study is that women looked at women’s bodies more, too. Which I’ll take a stab and guess is because of our social conditioning to both judge and revere our female shapes since an early age, creating a vicious cycle of self-objectification.

The study only tracked how we look at female bodies, but I’d be interested to see what parts of men our collective eyes settle on. Hands? Upper arms? Mustaches? Get on that, science.

Image via Veer.