Science Says Putting the Color Blue in Your Dating Profile Pictures Gets Better Results

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If you want more attention on the internet, let Arrested Development’s Tobias F√ľnke be your guide. A recent study analyzed more than 8 million Instagram photos to find that, on average, pictures prominently featuring the color blue generated 24% more “likes” than other colors.

It’s unclear why users prefer blue photos, though I suspect this is further evidence of our secret collective Avatar and/or Smurfs fetish. In general, images dominated by one color earned 40% more likes than their multicolored counterparts. Also popular: lighter photos, textured photos, and wide background spaces (as opposed to closely cropped pictures). Take note, online daters, because all these things will apparently make you stick out from the crowd.

And the colors to avoid at all costs are red and orange, even if it is the new black.

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