Smoking Will Ruin Your Sex Life

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portrait of handsome businessman with cigarette on black

Mayor Bloomberg is at it again, but this time, though, he’s showing vested interest in our sex lives instead of our movie theater beverage preferences. On the site for his new campaign, “NYC Quits,” Bloomberg and the city’s Health Department are announcing that smoking is bad and that everyone should stop. If that’s not motivation enough, Mayor Bloomberg, woodkill that he is, wants to remind us it causes limp dick.

That’s right, men. You will have “trouble getting and keeping an erection” if you keep smoking, as the site lists under the bullet point, “Have better sexual and reproductive health.” Erectile dysfunction is caused by an insufficient flow of blood to the penis. When men chain smoke they inhibit the heart’s ability to pump the right amount of blood needed for a stable erection.

The outlook for women is more morbid, as per usual. Apparently, women who smoke have a much harder time of getting and staying pregnant. The toxins ingested while smoking affect women’s reproductive functions by speeding the loss of eggs. Less eggs, more problems.

Whether you smoke or not, can we all agree that having the best sex possible is a goal worth aiming for. That doesn’t mean you should just switch to e cigarettes either. Those might be even worse.

[h/t NYPost]

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