There’s Now Scientific Proof That You Should Never Take a Date to McDonald’s (Seriously)

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Sex and the City McDonald's

A University of Toronto study has found that exposure to fast-food signs diminishes our ability to appreciate art, music, and other enjoyable everyday experiences. So, in case you were wondering – please, please tell me you weren’t wondering – McDonald’s probably isn’t the best place for a date. (Unless Hamburglar/Grimace roleplay is a fetish of yours, in which case, godspeed.)

The researchers focused their attention on the McDonald’s logo, which they consider the “ultimate symbol of time efficiency” in modern society. They showed 250 subjects advertising images of food – some without corporate context, others featuring McDonald’s packaging. After that, the participants viewed photos of “natural beauty” or listened to an excerpt from an opera. People who’d seen conspicuously branded McMeals reported themselves as unhappier and less patient following their artistic experience. I could be wrong, but I suspect that “unhappy” and “impatient” aren’t among the top 10 qualities you look for in a mate.

Sad but true: a participant’s ability to “savor” simple pleasures could be accurately predicted by the number of fast-food joints in his or her neighborhood. The results of this study presumably extend to all chains, but we have to believe there are some exceptions. KFC Famous Bowls? Now them shits is crazy romantic.

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