12 Ways To Give His Boys Some Love

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Do you want to be a ball girl? Hang out in the ball region? Head to ball town? Be a baller? I could go on (but don’t worry, I won’t).

It’s true: girls ignore the balls. But that’s a shame! Here are 12 ways to give ’em some love.

1. Lick the seam (the line between the balls.)

2. Press firmly against the spot behind his balls with the tip of your tongue.

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3. Ummm… suck on them! (Cover teeth with lips! Cover teeth with lips!)

4. Blow cold air on them and then breathe heavily on them. That alternating between hot and cold feels goooood. (I’ve been told!)

5. Swirl your tongue around his scrotum.

6. Just take ’em into your mouth.

7. Pull them away from his body and traced them with a finger tip.

8. CAREFULLY scratch them with your nails or massage them… preferably whilst positioned in the Randy Recliner.

9. Gently tug his balls downward (as he gets close to orgasm, they bunch up near the base of the shaft).

10. Make a ring around them between the balls and his body so you’re holding them in your palm. Then with your other hand, stroke them softly.

11. You can stretch the skin out about an inch and a half and rub between your fingers.

12. But remember: Try different things and see how he reacts. Everyone is different.

What would you add to the list?

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