What’s Your Preferred Sex Organ Slang?

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We probably have more words for our genitalia than Eskimos have for snow. (I wonder if that says anything about our priorities as a culture.) While it’s clear that there is a strong preference for the technical terms in TV Land (see below), we tend to be a bit more creative (or vulgar) IRL.

So, penis and vagina work just fine if you’re trying to get a point across, but they’re not particularly well suited to sexy talk. Some sex organ slang might feel a bit harsh (i.e. the “C Word” debate) whereas others are just plain icky (we heard one story about a guy who referred to his girlfriend’s ladyparts as “her” — instant dealbreaker). So what do you call it.

We thought we’d put the question out to our readers — what’s your preferred term for your own, or the person your dating’s, sex organ?



Don’t see your preferred term of genital endearment? Tell us in comments!


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