7 Reasons Why Men Aren’t Intimidated By Vibrators

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A new study conducted by the University of Indiana reveals that, even though 37% percent of women say otherwise, most men are not at all intimidated by women’s use of vibrators.

70% percent of men surveyed responded that they had no issue what-so-ever with a woman using a vibrator to please herself — debunking the myth that men worry about how easily they could be replaced by a battery operated boyfriend.

But what accounts for this surge in male sexual confidence? After all, the vibrator is known for its ability to consistently succeed at getting her off, while a real, live, flesh and blood man sometimes fails.

Here are 7 possible reasons why so many men are embracing the vibe.

1. We like tools.

Anything that has an on off switch on it, makes a noise and makes our job easier? We’re on board. If a vibrator helps bring her to orgasm faster, more easily and more intensely, we’ll happily use it. You can even coach us on how to use it — just as long as you let us hold it.

2. We know that orgasm is only part of the equation.

It’s the same way for us. We love our orgasms, too, but it’s not the only thing we love about sex and it’s not even necessarily the best part. Men can kiss, talk, nibble, dominate, submit, switch up positions, cuddle, etc. Let’s see a vibrator do all that. (Except not really, because that would be terrifying.)

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3. We think it’s hot.

I don’t think I’m going to shock anyone out there when I tell you that men like thinking about women masturbating. If a woman owns a vibrator, it’s proof positive that she’s made getting down with herself a priority. That really turns us on.

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4. We want you to know what works.

If a woman is giving herself regular orgasms on a regular basis, she’s likely to bring all that experience to bear during sex with us. Most men really want a woman to come, but how to make it happen is not always obvious. The more she knows, the more she can let us know.

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5. We don’t actually want to be her whole world.

In general, a man isn’t exactly going to be thrilled if his girlfriend sleeps with someone else. But that doesn’t mean that we like having responsibility for a woman’s entire sex life. We look at porn. We think about other women besides the one we’re sleeping when we masturbate. It seems natural to us that a woman should have an independent sex life, too. There ought to be a balance there.

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6. We know about pheromones and stuff.

While a woman very well might receive better, more consistent orgasms from a vibrator, she’s never going to be attracted to a vibrator. Even she names it and draws a little bearded face on it.

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7. We know that if vibrators were actually better, woman would have already forgotten about us.

If heterosexual women truly had a viable alternative sex with men? Let’s just say a lot more guys would probably have to start using Fleshlights.

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