How To Stop Overthinking Sex

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Anna Pulley, the resident sexpert over at our partner site RedEye Chicago, got an interesting reader question recently:

“Contrary to popular practice, my boyfriend is significantly more interesting in bed when he’s drunk-ish than when he’s not. He’s less passive, a little rougher, and more, like, SEXY. How do I tell him to f**k me like he’s drunk?”

Now, generally speaking, sex when you’re wasted is not going to be as good as sex when you’re sober. However, sex when you’re kinda drunk can be just right.

“What great tipsy sex ultimately boils down to is inhibitions — or lack thereof,” writes Pulley. “Booze happens to do a terrific job of reducing, if not eliminating, inhibitions entirely.”

But how do we help our partners to get over their inhibitions in bed without the help of booze? And without embarrassing them? Pulley has some genuine insights and smart tips. Read more at RedEye Chicago.

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