Sex Facts For Your Twitter Feed!

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Did you know that whale sex lasts only a few seconds, a fruit fly’s sperm is bigger than the fly itself (zomg), and claustrophilia is when you are sexually aroused by being in an enclosed space?

We’re pretty obsessed with @OMGFactsSEX, despite its hilariously awkward name. Work days can be pretty mundane, but less so when facts like “Gandhi used to sleep with naked girls in his bed” keep popping up!

Some of our other favorites:

Supposedly the phrase “get laid” comes from a Chicago brother called Everleigh Club, as in “I’m going to go get Everleigh-ed”

Condoms were standard GI equipment in World War I

In Kurdish “Taqaandan” is bending the penis until it cracks (like your knuckles). It can release pressure but it also causes penile fracture

15% of adults engage in half of all sexual activity.

Only 3 out of 10 boys in a survey said they wanted to marry a virgin.