6 Tips For Great Sex If He Is Way Too Well Endowed

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A big penis can be a big turn on, but it can also be painful, or at least uncomfy. Don’t worry, EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE JUST FINE. Try these tips.


Foreplay Like There’s No Tomorrow

Fun fact: The vagina can expand 200% during sex — a reminder that this big penis is not going to break you. The problem is actually that you aren’t aroused enough. Not that the guy isn’t arousing, but if you’re used to a smaller penis, he might have been entering before you were totally turned on. So go slow.

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In an ironic twist of suckiness, if you’re worried about his big penis, it will be harder to loosen up enough to enjoy sex. It’s like that whole Inception thing, when Arthur says, “I say to you, don’t think about elephants. What are you doing to think about?” And Saito says, “Elephants.” Do what you need to do to not think about elephants. Booze, massage, a bath. You know what that thing is.


Pick the Right Sex Position

It’s best if you’re on top so you can control the speed, so try girl-on-top or try straddling his lap while he’s seated. If you do missionary position, keep your legs closer together, it will slow him down (and feel pretty good, too.)

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Be really vocal

I’m going to give you a phrase to keep in your back pocket (even though you will surely not be wearing pants at this point): “Not so deep.” It’s all you have to say. You have to be really vocal about this, because poor communication can mess up more than just your sex life, but your entire relationship.


Lube Up

You might not have needed tons of lube with the last guy. Well, every guy is different. Test out different kinds until you find your favorite. I love Babeland’s BabeLiciuos flavors (dulce de leche, pomegranate vanilla and chocolate orange.)

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Finally, if none of this stuff works, go to the gyno.

If you’re lubed up, turned on, and in control and still in a lot of pain, your doctor can rule out if there are larger medical issues looming. And going to the doc, unlike an enormous penis, literally can’t hurt.

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