Amazing New Tumblr Offers Women’s Shockingly Honest Sex Stories

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Finding images of sex on Tumblr is as easy as finding reality TV GIFs on the blogging platform. We live in a “sex-saturated culture,” where writing on sex has become as familiar and bland a sight as the shelves of skim milk at your local grocery store. But awesome new Tumblr site Do Tell  wants to change that.

Screen shot 2013-11-18 at 3.10.04 PMAn extension of a documentary project called Subjectified: Nine Young Women Talk About Sex, Do Tell seeks to foster an honest, positive-minded discussion about women’s sex lives. The blog asks women to submit up to 350 words about their “sexual selves,” whether that means relating a sexual experience, admitting to confusion or embarrassment surrounding sex, opening up about painful or traumatic stories, expressing a belief about the nature of sex, or anything in between. Do Tell then posts these responses anonymously, and the conversation continues.

Entries can be as brief and evocative as one by “Joy, 23,” which simply reads: “I had to forgive myself a lot and realize, you know, I didn’t really do anything wrong.” Or, they can delve into more specific, personal details, like the entry from “S.M.W.,” which relates a harrowing story of abuse, cheating, and manipulation. Then there are the more philosophically-minded posts, like that from “M.L.,” where the author communicates how her family and other strong female role models helped bring her to a self-affirming, sex-positive place in her life. These stories—short, emotional, and always engaging—range from heartbreaking to inspiring, from apologies to calls-to-arms.

Do Tell offers women a place to express their thoughts and feelings about sex in a safe, encouraging environment, and it allows readers — including, yes, men — to enrich their own experiences by connecting with those of others. Submissions are open through November for those inclined to share. We often like to talk about blogs (and Tumblr, of all places) as timewasters, and while you might find yourself spending hours scrolling through Do Tell, you’ll be doing anything but wasting time.

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