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America’s 5 Most Dateable Mayors

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For better or for worse, many of the political celebrities this year have been mayors or mayoral candidates. Americans watched famed sexter Anthony “not a player I just crush a lot” Weiner ‘s bid for Mayor of New York City with fascination and horror. The details coming out of San Diego during Bob “wear no panties to work” Filner ‘s two weeks of intensive sex therapy and eventual resignation were enough to make you swear off objectifying mayors forever.

BUT WAIT. It’s not as dire as all that. American cities are still teeming with mayoral babes. Here are the five most datable, crushable American mayors:

Rahm Emanuel, Barack Obama

1. Rahm Emanuel: Chicago
In addition to being one of America’s most well-known mayors, Rahm Emanuel is also a bonafide fox. Prior to being elected Mayor of Chicago, Emanuel served as President Obama’s Chief of Staff where he earned a reputation as the Democratic bad boy with a temper and a penchant for hurling curse words around at diplomatic events. Friends and colleagues called him “Rahmbo” as a result of his take-no-prisoners approach to politics. Emanuel’s mother sent him to ballet school when he was a kid, and he continued to study dance throughout his college career at Sarah Lawrence. He’s also a triathlete, so it’s worth mentioning that he probably has a pretty rockin body… if it was appropriate to mention an elected official’s washboard abs, which it is(n’t).

He’s your type if you like:

a brilliant, articulate bad boy who can charm his way in or out of anything
passionate yelling
blowing off steam through the medium of dance

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2. Jean Stothert: Omaha

Mayor Jean Stothert is the first woman to ever hold her office in Omaha. Prior to her election, this Republican bombshell was a critical care and cardiovascular nurse.  A true martyr to the cause, Stothert volunteered to cut her own salary by 10% as part of a wave of critical spending cuts. She has opted to use her privately-owned car to get herself around the city, and pays for her own gas out of pocket. She credits her nursing career with teaching her a valuable lesson for both public service and relationships, “in order to lead, you first must listen.” Dreamboat.

She’s your type if you like:

 someone who knows how to take care of you when you’re sick, and is happy to do it
 a low maintenance lady who doesn’t feel entitled to the finer things just because of who she is
 a good listener… with an agenda

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eric-garcetti3. Eric Garcetti: Los Angeles

Newly elected Eric Garcetti is exactly what you’d expect the Mayor of Los Angeles; a renaissance man with perfect teeth who’s done basically everything cool ever. Prior to being elected real mayor a few months ago, he played one on TV as a guest star in The Closer. In his spare time he scratches his creative itch as an accomplished photographer, jazz pianist and composer. He lived abroad while completing his Masters degree from the London School of Economics, and he moonlights as a Lieutenant in the US Navy reserves. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that he’s handsome enough to be cast in a primetime television show and that he’s bros with Will Ferrell.

He’s your type if you like

 those charming (obnoxious) people who are good at everything they try
 having time to yourself -how could he possibly fit you into all of that?
 a yoga-loving, electric car-driving hipster who lives in Silverlake

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4. Julian Castro: San Antonio

Democratic golden boy Julian Castro was the keynote speaker at at the 2012 Democratic National Convention, which is a pretty big deal for a 38 year old mayor. He and his identical twin brother Joaquin, a US Representative, are both Harvard Law grads with great hair and bangin’ jaw lines. He’s been flown to the White House dozens of times to casually advise the Obama administration on immigration and energy policy (SWOON). TIME magazine named him of the “40 under 40” rising stars in American politics…no big deal.

He’s your type if you like:

 hitching your wagon to rising stars
 guys that finish work in bed with the light on while you try to sleep
 confident, passionate public speakers

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5. Stephanie Rawlings- Blake: Baltimore

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake manages to be brilliant and terrifyingly impressive while also being completely down to earth. In an interview with the Baltimore Sun, she admitted that she gets her makeup tricks from Ru Paul, which is probably why she has such shiny lips. Stars, they’re just like us! Right now she’s listening to a lot of Beyonce and Michael Jackson on her drives to and from work. At Baltimore Pride this year, Rawlings- Blake officiated a mass wedding in celebration of Maryland’s new Civil Marriage Protection Act. She’s a whip-smart former public defender who loves cheesefries, and the city counts on her to do what she has to do, even if it’s hard. This year Mayor Rawlings- Blake commissioned a study that found that the city of Baltimore could potentially go bankrupt in the next decade, which was a pretty brave thing to do. What a babe.

She’s your type if you like:

 passionate activists who stick to their guns
 soul-influenced pop music playing at outdoor festivals
 Ru Paul’s makeup

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