Can You Learn How to Be Better in Bed? This Sex Coach Says Yes.

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The sex you see in movies (seamless, choreographed, acrobatic) very rarely resembles the sex that happens in real life (not seamless, not choreographed, only unintentionally acrobatic). But, like with so many other life skills, if you really want to get better, you can hire a tutor.

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Eric Amaranth is a sex coach, and for $240 who will come into your home and watch you have sex with your partner. He watch you closely, give you notes, and hand you sex toys the way a nurse might hand a scalpel to a surgeon.

Diana Spelcher tagged along with Amaranth on one of his sessions for GQ, and it is fascinating. (His client list included two 18-year-old “beginners,” can you imagine having a teacher at the beginning of your sex life?!)

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“If you can’t get solid, powerful technique down, then you’ll never be a sex god,” Amaranth says in the article.

Well, then! Better get practicing.

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