Clorox Creates Ridiculous App so You’ll Know When Your Roommate Is Having Sex

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sock it app

The bleach love experts at Clorox want you to stop warning your roommates you’re mid-coitus with a sock on the doorknob and start using their handy Sock-It app. So if you were one of the .002 percent of people who actually ever hung a sock on your door, Clorox has got you covered. Also, they would like you to please buy their laundry products.

The app works by notifying passers-by that you, you sexy laundress you, are hooking up and should not be interrupted. Whoever you’re trying to notify also needs to have downloaded the app — Sock-It takes collaboration — but assuming they’re as excited about privacy/pre-treat stain removing spray as you are, it should be smooth sailing. You get some alone time, your roommate gets to avoid watching you have gross dorm sex, and Clorox gets to remind you that they are a really great brand of detergent. Because nobody should hamper your fun (but your socks should go in the hamper).