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It is common to hear guys joke about “lasting” for five minutes – the funny thing is, research has shown that they totally do!

If you have ever wondered whether the amount of time you spend having sex is the norm, a recent study, in which couples literally took stopwatches into their bedrooms, will answer your question. This was 100% as awkward as it sounds, with 500 partners across the world pressing “start” at penile penetration, and “stop” at ejaculation. Ah, the romance of it all!

The result? The average time-frame ranged from 33 seconds (shame) to 44 minutes (wow). The average median across all couples, however, was (you guessed it) 5.4 minutes! Surprisingly, condom use didn’t affect the time, and neither did a male being circumcised or not. Unsurprisingly, the younger the couple, the more sexual stamina, and older the couple, the shorter they seemed to last in the bedroom.

There you have it!