How Many Calories Can You Burn Having Sex? A Detailed List

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You know you burn calories when you have sex. But did you know how much?

  • Making Out, 30 minutes:  230 calories
  • Foreplay 20 minutes: 87 calories for women, 107 calories for men
  • Unclasping a bra with both hands: 8 calories
  • Unclasping a bra with one hand: 18 calories
  • Unclasping a bra with your mouth: 67 calories
  • Strip Tease: 60 Calories
  • Oral Sex: 100 calories
  • Missionary Position, 10 minutes: 250 calories
  • Woman on Top, 10 minutes: 300 calories for women, 130 calories for men.
  • Sex Standing Up: Up to 600 calories for both people.
  • Masturbation: Up to 150 calories per session.
  • Orgasm: From 60-100 calories

So, in other words, instead of doing 30 minutes on the elliptical at the gym (around 335 calories), you can do a strip tease, have sex for ten minutes, and unclasp a bra with one hand for the same effect!

Should we all cancel our gym memberships now?

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