Toy Talk: InnerVibe Duet Double Pleasure Vibrating Ring

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Hollywood ruined everything.  Not only are women expected to be super skinny models, we’re also pressured to compete with the Angelina Jolies of the world, who apparently orgasm ’til the cows come home whilst in the mist of fairly normal missionary sex.  I don’t know about you, but missionary sex does diddly-squat for me.  Sure it feels good, but it’s not rocking my world.  And because I’m an honest person, I’m not going to scream and shout and put on a show for my boyfriend.  If I’m not having an orgasm then I’m not having an orgasm.  And it is this quandary — the quandary of not having an orgasm while my boyfriend is — that turned me on (pardon the pun) to my sex toy quest.  I’m on a mission to try out sex toys until I find the best way for both partners to have a good time.  This is a journey for all of us, so please enjoy the ride (pardon the pun again).  The first test being cock rings.

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 The Toy: InnerVibe Duet Double Pleasure Vibrating Ring

Cost: $9.99, Amazon

Description:  Designed with two long-lasting barrels, one on top and one on the bottom of the ring, the InnerVibe Duet provides extra intense vibrations to help women stimulate their clitoris, ensuring they’ll reach orgasm. This vibrating ring is waterproof and is made of extra soft Opulux material. Each barrel on this ring vibrates for approximately 30 minutes.

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Results: Putting the cock ring on my boyfriend’s penis was easy.  This says a lot considering he is well endowed.  It was also easy to turn on the 2 vibrating barrels — I just clicked the sides and the vibrators started — here goes!  We decided to have missionary sex so that I could feel the vibrators on my clitoris.  I was able to feel the vibration, but only when my boyfriend inserted deeply because the ring is located at the base of the penis.  Since the ring is attached to the penis, it goes in and out resulting in momentarily felt vibrations during the inward thrust.  If we had laid still with the vibrators directly on my vagina, then the effect would have been stronger, but we didn’t.  Another thing to note: cock rings are suppose to feel good for both partners and help elongate the time of erection.  I would say it actually made my boyfriend cum faster because his entire penis was vibrating!  Maybe it would help elongate the erection for others?  All in all, it felt good for me, better for my boyfriend (which wasn’t exactly my object here ..) and cut the sex a little short.

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My Recommendation: There are many types of cock rings: some have no vibration, some feature only one vibrator, some have remote controls and some feature ‘flickers’ (oh my!).  The list somehow goes on and on.  Cock rings do have a couple things in common though — they are fun and cheap.  Most range around $10, proving a cost efficient way to spice things up.  So, even though I didn’t experience a mind blowing orgasm, it certainly was a fun treat that I’d encourage others try.  If you’re new to the cock ring scene — I think I’m speaking to 98% of you — I’d recommend buying two different types and seeing which variation works best for you.  If you’re not feeling the vibration enough on the area that matters, I’d recommend taking the ring off the penis and using it where you want … it’s a free country!  So go out and get your cock rings ladies and vibe on …

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