Meet Momdom, A Condom That Will Remind You Of Your Mother

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Moms rank pretty high on the list of people you don’t want to think about during sex. Yet, moms take the spotlight in Momdoms, a new brand of condoms that come in whimsical tins featuring 1940s and 50s-era “moms” and cheeky phrases like “A Pearl Necklace Goes With Everything” and “Hope It Fits!”

Momdoms was created by brothers Kevin and Wayne Simpkins as an homage to their own mother, a nurse who raised them to have frank conversations about sex and their bodies growing up.

momdom1 momdom2

“We wanted parents to have a clever, yet funny tool to start the sex conversation with their kids,” the brothers write. “Turns out that moms and sex are an interesting combination, making anyone, not just parents, get a kick out of Momdoms.”

It’s a clever and funny way to sell consumers on the idea of safe sex — moms might be more likely to give a tin of Momdoms to their teens, and adults might be more receptive to purchasing the attractively packaged tins for themselves.

Find Momdoms at drug stores in New York City and Las Vegas.

Image via Veer and Momdoms

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