New Study Reveals the Dirty Details of UK Women’s Sex Lives

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The men and women of the UK, land of sexy food like mince pies and sexy animals like sheep and sexy landscapes like moors, are only having sex three times per month.  It’s cold out there, true, but come on! The sun never sets on the British Empire – or on your posh London bedroom, and so forth. The somewhat sad numbers are according to the Daily Mail, which reports on a new study that dissects UK women’s sex lives in serious detail. The survey discusses everything British ladies’ sexual partners, to same-sex experiences, to feelings about sex, and beyond.

British women, for instance, have more sexual partners on average than they did 10 years ago, but they’re also having sex less frequently. The survey’s authors suggest this might be a result of telecommuting or an increase in bringing work home. Women reported an average of about eight sexual partners in a lifetime – 7.7, to be exact, which makes you feel for the guy who only ranked 0.7 in the count – compared to men’s 12-ish. Out of those experiences, roughly 16 percent of women reported a same-sex experience, and half of those involved “genital contact” (well, when you put it that way!). Higher levels of education and income made women more likely to experiment in the bedroom, since we have to do something with all that gender theory you learn in college.

The women of the UK lose their virginity at age 16 on average, and that might lead to the next statistic: about 16 percent of pregnancies are unplanned. Keep calm and wrap it up, lads. More disturbingly, a full 10 percent of women report they’ve experienced sexual coercion at some point in their lives, and 85 percent of these women say they knew their attackers beforehand. Under 15 percent of those women ever reported the incidents to the police, and less than half of them ever reported the stories to anyone, period. That culture of assault and the shame that often accompanies it hasn’t, sadly, seen enough progress in the lives of Britain’s women.

[h/t Daily Mail]

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