Novelty Beards Are the Sexiest Beards, Says New Scientific Beard Research

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Beards are hot, says everyone, including the New York Times. But there is one thing even hotter than a dude with a beard: a dude with a novelty beard. According to a new Australian study, ladies cannot resist a man with a beard, assuming the beard is a novel beard. Novelty, researchers found, is key. Distinctive grooming is sexy grooming, but any dude in Williamsburg could have told you that.

To figure it out for real, though, researchers showed straight and bisexual women (and also heterosexual men) pictures of guys with various states of facial hair — clean-shaven, stubbly, bearded, heavily-bearded, etc. — and asked them to rate the guys’ level of attractiveness. Consistently, they judged bearded and stubbly dudes (especially stubbly dudes) as being a little bit hotter than guys with clean-shaven faces. But facial hair was seen as extra hot when beards were rare — the fewer beards subjects were shown, the more attractive they found them. A beard is always sort of sexy, researchers found, but a rare beard is very sexy.

Which means that for maximum sex appeal, men should get creative. A mutton chop! A ducktail! An Old Dutch! A goatee! The possibilities are (almost) endless. But be warned — the advantage of your “rare-beard style” decays as the style becomes popular. Your novelty beard isn’t a novelty if everyone has one — at that point, you might as well shave. So keep those beards exciting, gentlemen! Channing Tatum, ignore this. You and your hairless face are perfect just the way you are.

[h/t LiveScience]