Is This Weird?

People are Actually Buying This Dress that Becomes See-Through When You’re Turned On

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Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde’s lusty line of Intimacy dresses that become increasingly transparent as you get turned on rank among the world’s most unnecessary clothing items. And although Intimacy is not yet commercially available for us prudish plebeians, the designer tells VICE he’s been selling his sexy cyborg dresses to actual people who paid actual money to wear a dress that makes them look like they’re naked. By the way, appearing naked is something you can do for free. (Then again, it seems Roosegaarde is selling his garb to the same sort of wealthy clientele who would be interested in wearing $10 million bras.)

Roosegaarde’s dresses, which came out in 2012 and look like something out of a futuristic, X-rated episode of Project Runway, are made of a “smart foil” and embedded with microchips that detect changes in heartbeat. The faster your heart rate, the more nekkid-looking your dress will become — never mind the fact that your heart rate can get equal boosts from both a steamy flick and the fact that you’re running late for work again.