Sorry Bacon Lovers, Your Favorite Food Is Killing Your Sperm Count

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Bacon, the salty, highly caloric pastime of rugged manly men (and women) everywhere, has become so popular in recent years it’s almost like the pork product has developed its own foodie cult. Little did you realize that as you’ve been gleefully consuming your mound of bacon over brunch (or wrapped around dates or sauteed with your brussel sprouts), you’re insidiously destroying future generations of bacon-loving bipeds.

A recent study done at Massachusetts General Hospital Fertility Center evaluated 150 men in relationships, some bacon-devotees, some bacon-abstainers. On average, men who ate less than a piece of bacon a day had 30 percent more normal sperm than those who ate higher quantities of processed meats. The gluttons who consumed a couple servings of bacon a day had worse sperm shapes than men who ate the fewest servings. What are the worst sperm shapes? The study didn’t indicate that, but I’m picturing an octagon, a star-shaped sperm, and another spelling out “Hello.”

The silver lining is that the studies didn’t find a link between two other delicious habits previously thought to cause a low sperm count: caffeine and alcohol. So you can lift some weights, sip a neat whiskey, and drink some black coffee and still preserve your precious manliness and your man batter. But, if you’re into baby making, the bacon’s gotta go.

Image via Flickr.